Saturday, October 30, 2010

Completed Two Years In Korea

22nd October, 2008 was the day when I first stepped in South Korea, so last Friday marked the completion of my two valuable years in Korea, valuable in the sense that it unveiled numerous traits, potentials, expressions, vulnerabilities that probably even I was not acquainted with. Anyway, that’s how this process of discernment unfolds, isn’t it! As time passes by and the way we get to define a learning process for ourselves and in turn learn to expose ourselves professionally, emotionally, spiritually, it sets us on a journey of awareness and if we set our mind to those cognitive processes, we are aware of the transformations we are going through.
Being away from your family and all the close ones and off from the environment that inherently interacts with the dynamics lying beneath surface static, is not as easy as it sounds. It took a real good time to identify with distinctive vibes this new environment used to generate. At times, it really questioned my state of emotional health. Even now, at times I do experience subtle emotional fragility within myself, or to say, a little aberration in my thought process and perhaps lose unison between heart and mind. But instead of adopting the path of passivity, I prefer to come to terms with it, realize it in its real form and feel the gratitude of having such beautiful people in my life that I tend to love them even beyond my control. So despite being in different sorts of negativities, I find myself closer to blissful state of mind. It helped me to go deeper, farther in the journey within. And as I try to scan through the whole picture, the words and phrases like Appreciation for life’s richness, absence of ego, humility, being receptive to all possibilities, allowing love etc resonate my mind and I feel the sense of gratitude for everything I have, everything I got at various junctures of my life. And I get reminded of the very pure and sacred truth that my parents have been the source of all the positivity’s that embrace me in this moment, with this state of mind because they are the ones who had sowed the seeds for the way I opted to learn!
The decision of coming to Korea happened to be a blessing in disguise since it produced a conducive environment for my overall growth as a human being and hopefully it would help me in taking important decisions later in life. So in a way, something happens in life that marks the beginning of a phase, which has a bundle of experiences stored in and touches upon the elements of growth. Life keeps bringing about new designs even as the old designs start to crumble and giving attention to these transformations along with nourishing them with the process of introspection sets us out on a journey that is there to teach the intricacies of our existence and help us to improve as a human being. Moreover, we need to extend this awareness, that assists constructiveness and in fact, we are living in the age where emergence of a global mind is necessary. We need to keep in mind that wherever we are, we are talking humanity, serving humanity. We all need to grow into a consciousness that helps us to feel universality and a profound context of commonality among all of us. We all wish to see peace, harmony, happiness around and thinking about the well being of Mother Nature is something we can take care of to start with. It is not very difficult to comprehend that if we all devote our energies to relationships and common well being rather than consumerism, we would all wind up much happier. Simple to say, our personal lives have to manifest those values that we wish to see on a global scale and in fact, that is the only way to bring out that never ending happiness and pleasure we all crave for and make our Mother Earth a better place to live.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day!

Through this blog, it’s turning out to be a ritual for me these days to express my gratitude for everyone who has been a source of happiness and inspiration in my life. And today happens to be one of those very special days, which is dedicated to the exceptional people who are an integral entity of the society, who work as a potent catalyst in the growth process of the generations, who come into our life at some important junctures and enlighten us with their noesis, perception and knowledge. It’s Teacher’s day, a day consecrated to celebrate the people who transformed our lives through education, showing a path towards reasoning and knowingness.
In fact, in Sanskrit, there is a better word, Guru and has a deep spiritual meaning. Gu denotes the ignorance that we all human beings are in. Ru represents the radiance of knowledge that dispels this ignorance. Eastern history is just filled with so many great stories of Guru and disciple. Though the definition of deep devotion for a teacher is no longer that pure and untainted as it used to be, but the essence of the beauty in the relationship between a student and a teacher can never die, at least as long as this universe exists when it gets established between a mother and a child even before the life starts to exist in the outside world.
Working as an engineering professional, if I go back to the point when it all started, I remember the day I joined DAIICT in the year 2002 with purely no expectations and was not even ready to embark on this journey. Engulfed in varied forms of negativity fused with loneliness and solitary, I was surely with a blank state of mind and my mind was not even trained to engender thoughts fitting the requirements of that tough time. I was just dropped in the environment which was not at all familiar to my consciousness. Completely detached from the outside world that I was seeing around me, there was a glimpse of hope in the form of a professor having a glittering, sterling career who joined the college in the same year after serving IIT Kanpur for number of years. In the very first semester, He taught us Basic Electronics Circuits, a course supposed to lay the foundation of learning and to ignite the interest in electronics if a student happens to like it as a subject. With his phenomenal style of explanation, he not only sowed the seeds of electronics in minds, but also nurtured them to the extent where students can see it fulfilling their ambitions in the form of a career.
As I understand it, He is a person who has a great ability to impart the essence of the knowledge he has, using his eloquence and method of speech to make students understand it in the right context and he gives a pragmatic approach that helps a lot to go closer to complete the understanding of the subject. Everything is a form of information when we are first exposed to it and it turns into knowledge only when it finds a golden touch of such people’s perception and approach.
With his scholarly disposition and serene demeanor, he was the favorite of everyone since the very beginning, and for me, he was much more special because in the first semester, his course was the only one that my little brain was able to find a connection with. He inspired to enjoy the journey while keeping focus intact on the goal. I was a mediocre among the kind of students I used to see around, but still his methods were always helpful for me and I was gradually finding something which I was getting intrigued about. His amazing command over language and speech makes him a blissful speaker and I always love listening to him and in fact, since those initial days of college when It was difficult for me to even understand English, he has been a big force of inspiration behind my increasing inclination towards the language in general and particularly with English being an international language for communication, it motivated me big time to improve myself in that direction as well. I remember when he once philosophically said, “There is space for everyone in this world. So don’t get disheartened by the failures and with increasing competitiveness, they are just bound to come. So there is no need to worry and just be conscious to see whether you are learning or not.” Along with all those virtues and qualities, he is greatly in love with his work and greatly understands his duty and responsibility to catalyze the process of forming not only good professionals but also noble citizens. I can’t forget those college days when he used to be excited about every lab, personally teaching TAs about what they are supposed to teach, carrying out a demo of upcoming lab experiment, preparing write-ups and well thought-out plan about what he wishes to teach and let students learn. He is indefatigable in every context and his passion to make students learn has not faded away even a bit. He has been really instrumental in my growth process as a professional as well as an individual. So was a great pleasure to meet him in person when I was in India last year and since my trip to India is just around the corner, I wish to meet him again, flip those pages of past and receive words of wisdom from his very own experiences.
Thank you Sir. You have been more than a teacher for numerous students like me. Thanks for all your teachings you bestowed upon us. May God bless you good health and eternal prosperity and I wish you keep inspiring everyone around, for the years to come! Happy Teacher’s day.

PS: Dedicated to my beloved Prof. R N Biswas, who taught 3 courses to our batch of 2002, and it’s simply ineffable to describe a magical personality like him.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gaze at first expression!

From what you were to what you are now, Life has got changed a lot! Your thoughts, your opinions, your perception, your demeanor, but perhaps you remain the same in a corner of your heart where an innocent, naïve child resides! He still loves to be in that childlike ambience, loves those little pleasures, and enjoys those small things which may be of little significance, but titillating and delightful! He keeps the semblance of innocence alive, more like an obscure beauty, which loses its discernible expression in the inevitable process of gaining maturity. At the same time gets scared of number of things, one of those could be this lovely, but extremely strange thing called Love, love for someone with whom life starts sharing itself, while going through the inevitable journey of pleasures and sorrows! All of a sudden, you start feeling very different unique music and tunes altogether, a symphony of gracious emotions, probably as a prelude to something that you have never felt before! It’s complicated! First expression quite unfathomable!
In the process of growing up, we undergo various transformations in our body, heart and mind. We get the ability to become more aware of things around us; we are more exposed to subtle effects and mind gets conditioned depending on the way we opt to learn. Heart turns more heedful to emotional adherences and sooner or later, we find ourselves on the journey, in the quest of attaining happiness, which has a very important component called Emotional health. Actually a time comes when we feel the subtleness of these transformations more than how we ever felt before. There comes the necessity of having someone very close to you, the desire to have someone with whom you can talk about things, which you have started talking to yourself only. As it is said that for your well being, it’s important to have someone whom you can share your passions with!
You are in the process of discernment. It’s natural and you tend to perceive it more clearly if you are spending some time in introspection, allowing yourself to focus on cognitive processes this heart and mind going through! Above all, it’s so lovely and fascinating indeed! You set your mind to it and there you know what I am talking about, more if you have celebrated “Silver Jubilee” of your life, not long ago! ;-)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother, the holy medium between the Almighty and human manifestation - a sacred truth, expressing immense greatness of being a woman, who experiences one of the most beautiful and proud moments of her life when she embraces the novelist form of life, the very first time; The moment when she needs not any testimony of HIS existence! The instant when she feels HIM more closely than anyone else, narrating the sole truth of human existence when nothing but unlimited Ocean of love and affection has its meaning! A moment when the nine month long conversation between mother and her child, still unfathomable for others, starts getting heard a loud and creates an ambience, witnessing the inception of a new life…something, that can never be portrayed in words – The birth of motherhood, a bliss bestowed to femininity.
It’s mother’s day. One always runs out of words to define the greatness of a mother. It’s just that special feeling, which a mother has for her child, and the child owes it for life!
Being so far and away from my Dear mother, I miss her every moment the way a son would do, the comfort of her lap when you return home frustrated from everyday struggles of life and the confidence she imparts when she says with glittering innocence in her words, “My son can do everything!” Every expression with serene tranquility on her face would tell you again and again that you can do it, everything would be fine!
Despite being miles away, her magic is still there, but devoid of her physical presence and as I am so far, surrounded by lots of uncertainties, number of precarious feelings, her presence in heart always makes things metamorphosed to resolutions from the most complicated situations. And of course, whenever I am able to overcome any problem, or come out of any uneasy state, Heart knows someone is there, constantly delivering prayers and blessings every moment for my well-being!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Importance of Inner Vigilence

Life is an incessant journey of learning ourselves. It teaches us everything we want, to lead a life with self-respect and dignity. We just need to be attentive to our mind and heart. And at different points of time in our life, Nature takes the responsibility to make us learn what we really should.
To be able to do something in its right context and form is complicated to its credit; A form that is discernible to your own perception, which engenders out of your personal prerogatives and is confirmed by an acceptance from within that you would never regret doing that at any point of time in future. One really gets confused at times by the intricacies of circumstances and end up not to do something outside the block. But when we dare to be honest with ourselves and come to terms with reality, that’s when we do enjoy the adventures of life, while exploring many horizons and paths of possibilities. However, it depends on several important aspects too, one of them could be a good correlation between your thoughts and the ability to turn and manifest them into reality.
In fact, Life is about spending lifetime learning about yourself. As time passes by, we all get to know what is good or bad, right or wrong, more important fact is what and how we practice them.
We all are destined to get our share of pleasures and sorrows. Complacency may kill! Remorse’s and resentments may hurt! So we should remember that aftermath of every event, sad or happy should be to learn from what had transpired. Learning never ceases. The day we stop learning, life has really lost its inherent meaning. All happenings of life in the form of mistakes and accomplishments, serve as sources of learning. But the problem exists when we refrain to learn and to inculcate the learning’s in our own lives and in turn tend to repeat those mistakes again and again, or indulge in complacency.
This essentiality of learning, introspection and of being aware can better be called the process of inner vigilance, which needs to be practiced in order to attain pure intelligence in the form of core consciousness.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Women's day

Though I believe every day is a celebration of love, affection and respect which has been brought into our life from any source – let it be our profession, our work or an individual, Mother, Father, brother, sister, friend etc., yet I really don’t think there is anything wrong in formally declaring a day to celebrate and formulate them as Mother’s day, Father’s day, Valentine’s day, Woman’s day and many more! Does it anyway limit our expression and emotional adherences for our loved ones for the rest of the year! In simple way, it just gives us an opportunity to mould our thoughts more onto one aspect and perhaps counterweigh the incapability, of us being human to accommodate all our thoughts on daily basis related to everything we like, everyone who brings happier moments in our lives and to find opportunity, time and attention to express them out of our inner self just because we do feel every day, but do we really express it every day! I mean everyday you don’t tell your parents how much you love them, but you feel it all the time and when it is their marriage anniversary or something like that, you wish to present them something special, lots of pleasant thoughts crowd in on your mind and you tend to express your feelings! As simple as that.

It’s very true that woman live up to all her roles with great dignity and commitment and surely everyday is a celebration of womanhood. For sure, there is a lot depends on them. That’s why in older times, everything used to go fine just because they were a very strong pillar to take care every single aspect related to home! And if after marriage, man is good enough, they had become ideal couple and if not, still there used to be successful marriages just because they used to sacrifice every damn thing for the welfare of the family!
With positive reforms and increasing uniformity in the society, we started thinking about equality between genders. Even the mentality and thought process of man towards woman has got changed a lot and it continues to improve! Actually it takes time to revolutionize 100 crores of population and it’s exacerbating when things do change at “tortoise” speed because of the pre-existing processes in our country. But we do notice a lot of change in the last 50 years after independence and there is hope for betterment.
But now the new problem, with equal opportunities and liberties given to both, though there has been a tremendous improvement in the society, but the relationships have become fragile. Surely the meaning of relationships has got redefined where man and woman can live the best of their life retaining their individuality as well. But it often doesn’t transpire the same way. They care more about their personal priorities rather than looking for the opportunities to learn from each other and provide constructiveness to the relationship. So they end up being in man versus woman discussions and spoiling their relationship in asperity. Of course, both man and woman are equally responsible for it. Even the women forget about the inherent greatness blessed to them by Nature and men refrain from realizing the same with dignity and respect. Thus, it’s no longer a question about woman’s emancipation, but a good coherence between man and woman.

Let me try to exemplify something pertinent to what I want to say…
One sometimes takes great deal in questioning the existence of God. Though we have so many things which Nature dwells around us to make us feel HIS presence, but above all, just look at a few hours old baby! One won't be able to question HIS existence! That’s why I think women are much more respectable and lucky for they feel HIS existence much more closely than men! Easy to think... someone, whom HE considered for creating this world, cannot be ordinary! That’s why mothers are so special!
So is there something new I asserted! No, I just rephrased the beautiful truth of humanity. But here I really find it an act of callowness to bring out the discussion of man versus woman. In other words, Does it anyway assert this fact that woman alone can give the best definition of upbringing to her child! Does it anyway imply that the father cannot love the child as much as the mother does! The child gets the best definition of life when both man and woman play their role as mother and father to bring up the child and feels the necessity of time and attention they both should give as parents no matter what they are as professionals!
So it’s more about the realization of this truth by a woman and empathetic perception by man to help her living her motherhood and also performing his own duties as a parent.

In case of marriage, Girl’s condition is always much more difficult than boy for the very obvious reasons. Perhaps the boy can never imagine what she goes through right since the day she gets the feeling that soon she’ll have to get married to the last moment when she feels now she is going to an entirely new world of people having different prerogatives and keep contemplating about their repercussions. It obviously symbolizes the greatness and sacrifice associated with femininity! This is the tradition in the society. But if a woman asks why it is not other way round, then perhaps I won’t be able to answer just because I hadn’t started it! On the contrary, I would surely look out for ways to constructively assert the life proceedings as they could be. So I would say in this situation, boy is the only one who can be most helpful, can make her feel that she has already got a very good friend in him and could tell her, “Let me promise you they all would be yours in some time for I have a great belief in my family which includes you too now”. And thereafter they both cultivate a very healthy and prosperous environment in the family and they go on winning all the pleasures of a married life!
But just think if boy doesn’t understand it and let the girl face the misery of coming into entirely new surroundings! If the girl doesn’t understand the same and start taking “revenge” for what she had to do just because of these traditional norms and serve her vindictiveness, would it bring any sort of constructiveness to the relationships! Rather they should together think about the happiness they could bring to themselves as well as to their four parents (parents and parents-in-law).
In other words, if we look for the completeness in life, there is never man OR woman and even not strictly man AND woman. Of course, it’s best when both can act together in all circumstances, but if it’s not possible, then one should be able to understand the reason of other’s absence in that situation and try to fill in!

Every sensible human no matter man or woman, accepts and respects all these facts related to woman. No question at all!
Women were always great and would remain so because they are the bliss of nature for number of reasons! Comparison between masculinity and femininity vitiates the purity of such thoughts and always get directed towards the discussion of man versus woman.
So obviously you can celebrate it not as one day, but as one more day for the glory of women!
A woman can think whether she is able to preserve everything inherently blessed to her by Nature and to live upto those. Get inspired from woman like Kiran Bedi who could always find a way to live her rights and values and incorporate the learning’s into their own lives.
A man can assess whether he is helping his wife to live her individuality, helping her in fulfilling her career perspectives too the same way he does for himself, Taking care of his mother in all ways as a son must do or guiding her daughter to fight out the odds of life and giving her the right perspective to live her life as a woman!

I would say every woman can celebrate it for being a daughter, a sister, a wife or a mother and every man can celebrate it for being the father of a daughter, the brother of a sister, the husband of a wife or the son of a mother!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Better to desire what you don’t have, than to have what you never desired!

In this age of busy lives, we hardly get time to be cordial to the dynamics beneath our surface static, to listen to our body and mind and somehow if we get it, we often find it complaining. However it always remains there in our subconscious mind that perhaps we want to do something, which is important as well as desirable and we want to divert our attention towards it, but eventually it leads to procrastination as a result of lack in mind-body communication. And life keeps going on juggling with the flotsams of everyday life. And in this process, we tend to do few unintended compromises.
I would like to comment on the way we make our choices and negative subsequent effects of them because of the absence of continuous introspection. It’s true we don’t have control over everything what happens, but we surely do exert a field of influence for having the power of choice. So it becomes important to be aware of these choices and make them consciously based on our understanding and belief. And when it comes to the choices we make in case of relationships, their consequences can really be vital. It actually happens quite often that people sometimes even admit to settling for someone who is not really what they wanted, but they think at least they are not alone or no longer left in solitary isolation. It probably works as an immediate fix, but unfortunately may not last long.
It actually gets defined by the set points of our personality. Our set points always drag us towards what we want, what we really have desire for! So be aware of yourself, reflect upon your choices, and give yourself enough time and space to think about what you really want, instead of grappling with the aftermath of doing things, which you never desired. But again is it possible that you can always get what you want? Obviously not, but at the same time it’s true that in spite of fear of the consequences associated with even a well thought-out choice, particularly of this kind where you can only be confident up to a certain extent, and are surrounded by anticipations of future, you would always find easier to live with this situation than the one which you feel compromised in!  We certainly find ourselves circumscribed by thoughts like “What would be HIS choice! What extent I could be part of it!” even as there is nothing wrong in believing yourself stumble one day upon the one who could fathom your soul! So let your higher self be the ultimate guide and make sure you remain conscious during the course of this journey of discernment and let it meander through the states it desires to, let God help you to decide and believe who the special one is and I really wish you all find your soul-mates some day, if you haven’t found yet! :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

She is no less of a feminist!

At times, we hear it coming, mostly from the types of self proclaimed feminists, “If men can do this and that, why can’t we?” but is this statement really fathomable enough? This is actually one of most unreasonable comment I have ever come across! Most women keep fighting for the idea of equality and unknowingly try to fit themselves in men’s standards, that is sadly exactly opposite to what they are trying to do-asserting the magnitude of being a woman! Aren’t they making mess out of the real value of womanhood as such?
I remember a movie called Astitva, which is a very sensible flick in terms of what Director wants to convey and also in terms of its ability to trigger the thought in viewers’ mind, the definition of feminism!
Simply put, it’s about having the right to act or think whatever is necessary to be progressive as a human being, like a man has! But unfortunately, our society is badly defected by otherwise notions, which always lead a woman to be against a man and even women often perceive it in wrong sense! Family life has been underrated upto such an extent that women tend to think of it as a slavery and they think they are being submissive if they opt to only take care of their family. As we can see in a character Meghna of that movie, she thinks an educated woman cannot be the one who wishes to be a house-wife! Actually the problem is with the notion existing in our so called modern developed society that managing home is the waste of a woman’s talent and she can be considered to be equal to men only when she can do the same thing as a man does. Actually I want to raise this question only, that if a woman chooses to be a housewife, how do we, as a society look upon it?
I think a woman opts to stay at home, just because of the fact that she wants to give her children or family a culturally and emotionally perfect environment, which is sometimes not possible when both man and woman are working and since men are so strongly socialized to be the “providers”, that to see this happening other way round would be quite unacceptable, even to women.
I hope I am not mistaken here. I just want to say that if a woman, by her very own choice wishes to be a house-wife, she deserves immense respect and admiration for this and we should try to change this wrong notion existing in our society that “managing” money is anyway less important than earning money.
Despite all these facts, I strongly advocate this fact that a woman needs not “sacrifice” herself for the sake of family and even when they both are working professionals’ things could be worked out very well, but It surely requires a wonderful understanding between man and woman and of course, it’s possible up to an extent, but surely not for lifetime! A time surely comes when you have to go through these narrow choices and act upon them. So I feel very first thing is that every man must understand this fact what a great responsibility a woman performs while being a house-wife so that it no longer remains like an inferiority. I mean woman must not work just to prove that they are not inferior to man. And then the understanding should get developed how they want to align their professional lives with other priorities. So precisely speaking, it’s not about who is better, who is not! Man and woman are two different creations and they both play very important roles in ensuring the progression of an upright society. So let it be the choice of a woman if she wants to be a housewife. She is the one, responsible for the perpetuation of species. Respect them, admire them and assist them to find equilibrium. Actually I met one Indian family here in Korea. She is a well educated intelligent lady and her confidence in saying, “I know how important I am for my kids”, corroborated this fact exceptionally well!

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Trekking Event

Lately I had been to a trekking event. It was a Saturday, 19th December, 2009. I was planning to write about it from quite some time, but today only it could materialize. So here it goes: :)
We embarked on to this short trip at 0630 hrs, in the chilly morning, when Celsius scale was pushing itself below -15 degrees. We all were fully covered with number of layers of warm clothes with barely allowing eyes, the exposure of outside atmosphere.
We were six people, all office colleagues with two of them more than 40 years in age. Truly commendable spirit they were in! In fact, these two people had trekked this mountain numerous times before also, but they were equally excited to go for it once again.
Initial few minutes of trekking are seldom an aberration and it’s those few minutes after which you start realizing that you are in a different ambience altogether and totally engulfed by the elements of Mother Nature.
On our way, very soon we started witnessing the beautiful recital of Nature- the instant when atmospheric refraction causes the sun to be seen while it is still below the horizon! Yes, the optical illusion, the inception of a beautiful morning when we all were ready to welcome Sun god, originating from the backdrops of the mountains. The beauty exemplified- the beautiful Sunrise. And Sarah, a good friend and one of the companions in this trekking event, captured it nicely. Take a look:

           Just before Sunrise

Going with a single objective in mind; Telling anecdotes and passing amusing remarks, spending some time while sharing and empathizing with each other, it was very enjoyable. That’s probably the cheapest form of happiness one can ask for and indeed I was feeling it!

Koreans, in general are very kind and shy. They are not very talkative and verbose in the first few meetings. But as you spend a little time with them and try to give them that comfortable space to share and converse, it goes very smoothly thereafter.
The way to mountain top, even though it was just 6.5 kilometers in distance was adventurous, specially the last couple of kilometers, which demands that little extra perseverance and tenacity! The situation when you have no more strength to walk and you still try to push yourself to walk those extra steps, is embracing in its own way and enthralling when you enjoy those tiny achievements. Obviously, it has a lot to do with your physical stamina and sustainability, but more so with your state of mind as well.

0905 hrs:
So finally we were at the apex of the mountain! It’s named as Kwang-Gyo, literally means teaching of the light, in English. Few pics for your visual treat :)

                                          We, at the top of the mountain :)

Audrey and Sarah, Two biggest artiste, or entertainers, or whatever synonyms you wish to use! But the truth is they really rock while being together! Two beauties in their usual amusing act! :)

 Audrey with light sword: A glimpse of photography talent of Sarah :)        

In that scorching cold and windy weather, I felt as though my brain has started vibrating at some strange frequency! And I must say after coming here only, I have realized that there exists something so cold, that can even blow in the form of air! But despite all those not so usual facts, I was enjoying it and so much so as I requested others to stay there for few more minutes! We shared few eatables, fruits and in particular, the special home-made Honey Tea, that Sarah got! And soon we all started marching back.

1011 hrs:
We all came down within just little more than one hour. We went to a restaurant to have lunch and were quickly headed to our respective homes.
Sense of togetherness really works wonders and thankfully there were few nice people along so it was definitely a very pleasing experience. And really if you are fortunate enough to have such lovely hearts and minds to accompany you, the journey turns out quite entertaining no matter how many struggles you see through! Although this thought is pertaining to our short trekking journey, but can indeed be extrapolated to the journey of life as well.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Intrigued Fear of being what you are!

This time New Year day was very different! Perhaps This thoughtful state of mind turning everything different nowadays! And this time, all those thoughts were dwelling around the fact that Time is fleeting. It really waits for no one. It keeps you on your toes and lets you realize what you are, with every experience you go through, every moment you live! Imparting enough opportunities to learn, to grow as a professional, as a brother, as a son, as a friend, as an individual! New learning’s and you are getting ready for new experiences which Time is ready to give! 
There are many things you practice in this journey of life, but there is a fear deep within for being human even about the positive aspects, those which also get along with a Fear!
For your parents, you are precocious; but you understand that this precociousness comes with a lot of responsibility, so Fear if sometime you couldn’t empathize what your parents wanted or desired! 
For your sisters, you are the bundle of solutions for every existing problem in the world! But Fear if they get into a problem which you couldn’t have a solution of! 
In your work fraternity, you are professionally good; But Fear lest you get entrapped in complacency sometime because you want to make sure you are not thinking about something to be easy for you know yourself the best. You are just audacious enough, who’s trying to learn the extent of your own limits, thus to remain conscious, to remind yourself about your extents, about your capabilities, about your strengths and weaknesses and keep them in the right proportion to make things work! 
For your friends, you are cogent, you think good, you have an approach towards life; a life with number of very normal things, which they find unique and special; but seldom you live with a Fear of an intuition that you have to be at your best throughout, to retain your friends else you may lose them even if they are among the best ones! 
Indeed, there is auspiciousness about all such thoughts, but just restrained and self-possessed with uncertainty!
So you turn to Almighty to ask for strength, to keep performing in all aspects, to remain not only philosophical but pragmatic too, to practice everything what you have learnt from your own continuous introspections, reflections and repercussions of the people and to retain this temperament which helps to obviate such fears. And perhaps you realize you feel elderly enough to be ready for greater responsibilities, with the dawn of 2010!