Sunday, January 3, 2010

Intrigued Fear of being what you are!

This time New Year day was very different! Perhaps This thoughtful state of mind turning everything different nowadays! And this time, all those thoughts were dwelling around the fact that Time is fleeting. It really waits for no one. It keeps you on your toes and lets you realize what you are, with every experience you go through, every moment you live! Imparting enough opportunities to learn, to grow as a professional, as a brother, as a son, as a friend, as an individual! New learning’s and you are getting ready for new experiences which Time is ready to give! 
There are many things you practice in this journey of life, but there is a fear deep within for being human even about the positive aspects, those which also get along with a Fear!
For your parents, you are precocious; but you understand that this precociousness comes with a lot of responsibility, so Fear if sometime you couldn’t empathize what your parents wanted or desired! 
For your sisters, you are the bundle of solutions for every existing problem in the world! But Fear if they get into a problem which you couldn’t have a solution of! 
In your work fraternity, you are professionally good; But Fear lest you get entrapped in complacency sometime because you want to make sure you are not thinking about something to be easy for you know yourself the best. You are just audacious enough, who’s trying to learn the extent of your own limits, thus to remain conscious, to remind yourself about your extents, about your capabilities, about your strengths and weaknesses and keep them in the right proportion to make things work! 
For your friends, you are cogent, you think good, you have an approach towards life; a life with number of very normal things, which they find unique and special; but seldom you live with a Fear of an intuition that you have to be at your best throughout, to retain your friends else you may lose them even if they are among the best ones! 
Indeed, there is auspiciousness about all such thoughts, but just restrained and self-possessed with uncertainty!
So you turn to Almighty to ask for strength, to keep performing in all aspects, to remain not only philosophical but pragmatic too, to practice everything what you have learnt from your own continuous introspections, reflections and repercussions of the people and to retain this temperament which helps to obviate such fears. And perhaps you realize you feel elderly enough to be ready for greater responsibilities, with the dawn of 2010!


  1. Thanks a lot bhai, for your wishes!
    I wish this New Year brings innumerable number of pleasures in your life as well! :)