Monday, January 4, 2010

A Trekking Event

Lately I had been to a trekking event. It was a Saturday, 19th December, 2009. I was planning to write about it from quite some time, but today only it could materialize. So here it goes: :)
We embarked on to this short trip at 0630 hrs, in the chilly morning, when Celsius scale was pushing itself below -15 degrees. We all were fully covered with number of layers of warm clothes with barely allowing eyes, the exposure of outside atmosphere.
We were six people, all office colleagues with two of them more than 40 years in age. Truly commendable spirit they were in! In fact, these two people had trekked this mountain numerous times before also, but they were equally excited to go for it once again.
Initial few minutes of trekking are seldom an aberration and it’s those few minutes after which you start realizing that you are in a different ambience altogether and totally engulfed by the elements of Mother Nature.
On our way, very soon we started witnessing the beautiful recital of Nature- the instant when atmospheric refraction causes the sun to be seen while it is still below the horizon! Yes, the optical illusion, the inception of a beautiful morning when we all were ready to welcome Sun god, originating from the backdrops of the mountains. The beauty exemplified- the beautiful Sunrise. And Sarah, a good friend and one of the companions in this trekking event, captured it nicely. Take a look:

           Just before Sunrise

Going with a single objective in mind; Telling anecdotes and passing amusing remarks, spending some time while sharing and empathizing with each other, it was very enjoyable. That’s probably the cheapest form of happiness one can ask for and indeed I was feeling it!

Koreans, in general are very kind and shy. They are not very talkative and verbose in the first few meetings. But as you spend a little time with them and try to give them that comfortable space to share and converse, it goes very smoothly thereafter.
The way to mountain top, even though it was just 6.5 kilometers in distance was adventurous, specially the last couple of kilometers, which demands that little extra perseverance and tenacity! The situation when you have no more strength to walk and you still try to push yourself to walk those extra steps, is embracing in its own way and enthralling when you enjoy those tiny achievements. Obviously, it has a lot to do with your physical stamina and sustainability, but more so with your state of mind as well.

0905 hrs:
So finally we were at the apex of the mountain! It’s named as Kwang-Gyo, literally means teaching of the light, in English. Few pics for your visual treat :)

                                          We, at the top of the mountain :)

Audrey and Sarah, Two biggest artiste, or entertainers, or whatever synonyms you wish to use! But the truth is they really rock while being together! Two beauties in their usual amusing act! :)

 Audrey with light sword: A glimpse of photography talent of Sarah :)        

In that scorching cold and windy weather, I felt as though my brain has started vibrating at some strange frequency! And I must say after coming here only, I have realized that there exists something so cold, that can even blow in the form of air! But despite all those not so usual facts, I was enjoying it and so much so as I requested others to stay there for few more minutes! We shared few eatables, fruits and in particular, the special home-made Honey Tea, that Sarah got! And soon we all started marching back.

1011 hrs:
We all came down within just little more than one hour. We went to a restaurant to have lunch and were quickly headed to our respective homes.
Sense of togetherness really works wonders and thankfully there were few nice people along so it was definitely a very pleasing experience. And really if you are fortunate enough to have such lovely hearts and minds to accompany you, the journey turns out quite entertaining no matter how many struggles you see through! Although this thought is pertaining to our short trekking journey, but can indeed be extrapolated to the journey of life as well.


  1. It was really enjoyable. :)
    When we reached top of the mountain, you seemed to come from Alaska. HaHa~

  2. hahahaha...I know :)
    my eyebrows were almost frozen! But surely It was very enjoyable and you were like the star of the trip with few amazing pictures, Honey Tea etc etc! :)

  3. wow, cool.. being a trekking lover I can understand how it feels when you trek and that too frozen mountains..awesome :)

  4. are koreans really shy and kind?......nice piece of work ...........also photography skill of your friend was great..........