Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother, the holy medium between the Almighty and human manifestation - a sacred truth, expressing immense greatness of being a woman, who experiences one of the most beautiful and proud moments of her life when she embraces the novelist form of life, the very first time; The moment when she needs not any testimony of HIS existence! The instant when she feels HIM more closely than anyone else, narrating the sole truth of human existence when nothing but unlimited Ocean of love and affection has its meaning! A moment when the nine month long conversation between mother and her child, still unfathomable for others, starts getting heard a loud and creates an ambience, witnessing the inception of a new life…something, that can never be portrayed in words – The birth of motherhood, a bliss bestowed to femininity.
It’s mother’s day. One always runs out of words to define the greatness of a mother. It’s just that special feeling, which a mother has for her child, and the child owes it for life!
Being so far and away from my Dear mother, I miss her every moment the way a son would do, the comfort of her lap when you return home frustrated from everyday struggles of life and the confidence she imparts when she says with glittering innocence in her words, “My son can do everything!” Every expression with serene tranquility on her face would tell you again and again that you can do it, everything would be fine!
Despite being miles away, her magic is still there, but devoid of her physical presence and as I am so far, surrounded by lots of uncertainties, number of precarious feelings, her presence in heart always makes things metamorphosed to resolutions from the most complicated situations. And of course, whenever I am able to overcome any problem, or come out of any uneasy state, Heart knows someone is there, constantly delivering prayers and blessings every moment for my well-being!


  1. innovating,sweet lines for mama what's SHE is and was thanks for developing undustanding..always love your mother

  2. What a great expression to the nature's most precious entity..

  3. @shail: Thanks Bhai! I am happy you liked it!
    @simplYme: Welcome to the blog! Thanks for your kind words! you rightly said Motherhood is a bliss of Nature and it's just ineffable to give words to this supernatural beauty of relationship between a mother and the child!