Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Better to desire what you don’t have, than to have what you never desired!

In this age of busy lives, we hardly get time to be cordial to the dynamics beneath our surface static, to listen to our body and mind and somehow if we get it, we often find it complaining. However it always remains there in our subconscious mind that perhaps we want to do something, which is important as well as desirable and we want to divert our attention towards it, but eventually it leads to procrastination as a result of lack in mind-body communication. And life keeps going on juggling with the flotsams of everyday life. And in this process, we tend to do few unintended compromises.
I would like to comment on the way we make our choices and negative subsequent effects of them because of the absence of continuous introspection. It’s true we don’t have control over everything what happens, but we surely do exert a field of influence for having the power of choice. So it becomes important to be aware of these choices and make them consciously based on our understanding and belief. And when it comes to the choices we make in case of relationships, their consequences can really be vital. It actually happens quite often that people sometimes even admit to settling for someone who is not really what they wanted, but they think at least they are not alone or no longer left in solitary isolation. It probably works as an immediate fix, but unfortunately may not last long.
It actually gets defined by the set points of our personality. Our set points always drag us towards what we want, what we really have desire for! So be aware of yourself, reflect upon your choices, and give yourself enough time and space to think about what you really want, instead of grappling with the aftermath of doing things, which you never desired. But again is it possible that you can always get what you want? Obviously not, but at the same time it’s true that in spite of fear of the consequences associated with even a well thought-out choice, particularly of this kind where you can only be confident up to a certain extent, and are surrounded by anticipations of future, you would always find easier to live with this situation than the one which you feel compromised in!  We certainly find ourselves circumscribed by thoughts like “What would be HIS choice! What extent I could be part of it!” even as there is nothing wrong in believing yourself stumble one day upon the one who could fathom your soul! So let your higher self be the ultimate guide and make sure you remain conscious during the course of this journey of discernment and let it meander through the states it desires to, let God help you to decide and believe who the special one is and I really wish you all find your soul-mates some day, if you haven’t found yet! :)

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