Sunday, May 2, 2010

Importance of Inner Vigilence

Life is an incessant journey of learning ourselves. It teaches us everything we want, to lead a life with self-respect and dignity. We just need to be attentive to our mind and heart. And at different points of time in our life, Nature takes the responsibility to make us learn what we really should.
To be able to do something in its right context and form is complicated to its credit; A form that is discernible to your own perception, which engenders out of your personal prerogatives and is confirmed by an acceptance from within that you would never regret doing that at any point of time in future. One really gets confused at times by the intricacies of circumstances and end up not to do something outside the block. But when we dare to be honest with ourselves and come to terms with reality, that’s when we do enjoy the adventures of life, while exploring many horizons and paths of possibilities. However, it depends on several important aspects too, one of them could be a good correlation between your thoughts and the ability to turn and manifest them into reality.
In fact, Life is about spending lifetime learning about yourself. As time passes by, we all get to know what is good or bad, right or wrong, more important fact is what and how we practice them.
We all are destined to get our share of pleasures and sorrows. Complacency may kill! Remorse’s and resentments may hurt! So we should remember that aftermath of every event, sad or happy should be to learn from what had transpired. Learning never ceases. The day we stop learning, life has really lost its inherent meaning. All happenings of life in the form of mistakes and accomplishments, serve as sources of learning. But the problem exists when we refrain to learn and to inculcate the learning’s in our own lives and in turn tend to repeat those mistakes again and again, or indulge in complacency.
This essentiality of learning, introspection and of being aware can better be called the process of inner vigilance, which needs to be practiced in order to attain pure intelligence in the form of core consciousness.

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