Friday, November 20, 2009

Why this temperament???

Throughout this life journey, we meet numerous people. Some strange, some affectionate; some encouraging, some demoralizing; some accompanying, some disturbing!
Or sometimes we meet the same person quite frequently like in workplace under different situations, different circumstances, which unfold different traits of his/her character and that’s how we learn that person.
Every human on this planet lives in the quest of attaining happiness, and surprisingly true but the definition or even the ways to achieve it differ person to person. And even so different that their ways could be conflicting.

One’s happiness is coming at the cost of other’s ! what forces this delusion in those minds!

Instead of improving oneself, one tries to disprove other! What’s this approach to live!

One little thing forces an aberration in one’s behavior and response,… out of insecurity or because of intention to prove superiority!

One’s incessant effort to fight with others, instead of being introspective and having conversation with oneself! What’s this reluctance!

What’s the pleasure in being aggressively cynical, to think what you do is right and what others do is simply wrong and absurd!

Such thoughts prompt in mind, with vulnerability to see it around in some or the other form!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Optimism, Hope, Helplessness and A Request!

Life is not a matter of,
Milestones as we think
It’s about the journey rather
To enjoy and euphorically sing

HE tests us at times,
Through intricacies of life
But gives power to fight
Against every bitter strife

You never get tired
Let your perseverance prevail
I know it so well
Territory of hopes you hail

Don’t know, What decided for you,
By the Master of destiny
I wish I could lead you to
Happiness, away from agony

But you never get worried
If you have no one to talk to
You know I’m there
You ever wish, or you have to

This day and coming morrows
HE has to take away your sorrows
Bless pleasures of your share
To HIM, that’s the only prayer

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Me and My Loneliness

Not something which I crave for,
But embraces me with keenness

Engulfed in thoughts,
None but only with its presence
Sometimes nostalgic, but
Helps to feel their essence

Leaves me in despair
Sometimes in smile for a reason
Craft feelings to re-appear
Create room to analyze with precision

When no one is around,
Still it remains with grittiness
Me and my loneliness
Space for solitude, but sometimes for bitterness

Monday, November 9, 2009

A thought: Need for synchrony between Heart and Mind

Heart always tends to be swifter than our mind, particularly in emotional appearances. Perfect synchronization between these would always lead to eternal happiness, but human dispositions, as everything else in this world, are not ideal. There is always a “skew”.
We portray a picture of a very special one in life based on our experiences, likes and dislikes and the pleasures we are willing to acknowledge from life, but we never know where our destiny takes us. So it's better to be watchful and don’t let our heart go well beyond our reach because if it cannot lead to a state where everything what we want to be is fine, everyone whom we want to be, is happy, then it would only leave us in asperity. Then the greater efforts need to be done to overcome this unpleasant state and make our life move ahead for its objectives. So try to keep your heart and mind in synchrony and let God help you to decide and believe who is the special one with whom you would be sharing all the experiences in life it comes with.
It’s difficult, but we can always learn to keep this "skew" between heart and mind as less as possible else it is going to give us pains and sufferings, nothing else. Perhaps it’s all about training ourselves to make our heart and mind move in unison and gradually, it becomes part of our character and spontaneity!

Friday, November 6, 2009

One year, in Korea

Its one year over in Korea now. I had come here in October, 2008.

Time keeps showing us different aspects of life and it tests us against its own test cases. Being around people who don’t speak your language is not as easy as it sounds. It took me some good time to start understanding their expressions that you usually see on face and in dwindling voice. But sometimes I feel I did some mistake of coming out my own country, own land! Not because these circumstances pose some intrigued challenges, but because I want people not to misunderstand me. I always wish not to be misunderstood instead of hoping that they understand me right and well. That’s one apprehension I live with! Though I used to expect the same in India also, but perhaps it is more prominent here because I tend to think that if they comprehend something different from what it actually is, it might be changing the image of “Indianness” they have in their mind.

So why did I opt to come here!!! With certain expectations to be fulfilled, with certain tasks to be accomplished? Not strictly. I just had come here with a very fresh state of mind, with really no expectations whatsoever. I just wanted to give myself one experience that is different from all the previous ones for the very obvious reason that I was coming out of my country very first time! It has been a splendid experience in terms of both as a professional and a person. I was very intrigued by these people, because of the life style they have. It actually developed a quest in my mind to learn what and how it is. It really helped me to diversify my view to understand different traits of a person.

To manage everything on my own, starting from streamlining my thought process in this different environment to buying vegetables for cooking food, has been a great experience. I feel good doing it and it certainly gives a lot of confidence.

Above all, it feels good to see such reverberations going on in mind. And certainly time would surely come when I want to go back to my own land and do something for the people I really belong to! Since we all know this nice line from the movie Swades, which comes to everyone who is living out of India- Apne hi paani mein pighal jaana baraf ka muqaddar hota hai(To melt down into its own water is the fate of ice)!!!, I am destined to go back sooner or later!