Thursday, November 10, 2011

A trip back home-abode of two beautiful angels of my life!

I am just back from home, after spending ten beautiful days with two beautiful angels of my life; two amazing people who have been the source and origin of tunes, the lyrics, and the symphony of every beautiful piece of music that Nature played in my life. Parents are just like that. It’s ineffable to express what they do for their children. Those words never existed and could never be invented! You just feel the eternal bliss of having them in your life. Obviously, the feeling to be with them, to be able to see them around each day when you wake up, is second to none and this feeling is more subtle and palpable when your heart knows, in the last few years it has spent just a countable days with them. 
Since the day I joined college, I haven’t been able to spend much time with them and just visited them during semester breaks when I was in college and now mostly at some of these festival occasions. Of course, I really miss them whenever I am away and I feel there is a different being in me, which lives its life only when I am with these two amazing people; I truly feel as if it resumes from where I left when I was home last time! You just feel so safe and secure; you can be that extra careless; you can show that extra bit of negligence; you feel as if nothing can go wrong with you as long as you are with them. You are not being judged and no matter what you do, you’re going to remain the dearest for them as you always were. Life just blossoms into its most beautiful facets. Being with them, you always find yourself full of strength. Subtle expressions on their faces with serene tranquillity tell you a loud that everything is fine; you are sailing through an ocean of love, just enjoy it. There is so much love and beauty; there is so much of it.
Like any son would do, I love them a lot. I adore them for everything they did for me. But apart from loving them as my parents, I also admire them for being the kind of people they are. I can indefatigably go on writing about their established ways of life. I feel one of the most amazing things Parents do is bringing out the spiritual dimension in a child’s being. The very first seed of spirituality is always sowed by the parents who devote their entire energy in shaping up their children’s life. They influence a child’s psyche in varied ways and making a child realize the importance of being connected to the source is one of them. As you grow up, many a times, it happens that you do something good and get appreciated for it, and suddenly you tend to ask yourself where it has come from, who taught you these things! And there you probably realize that it all flows in genes, their blessings get reflected in your deeds, it’s fruition of their lifelong incessant efforts in letting you learn the values they always wished you imbibe in and then create a niche of your own, keeping those values as soul of living.
It’s so amazing to still see that incessant powerful urge in them to give you more even when they have spent their entire life doing the same. Sometimes I wonder and feel like asking them, ‘what is that which is left in you that you haven’t given me!’ and with more than twenty five years of benevolence over me, still they are always ready to give. So amazingly lovely it is. 
Now since you are going through that phase of life when you have a bunch of experiences with you and formed an approach towards life, Nature tries to teach you new aspects of human manifestation fused with responsibilities and all those pertinent intricacies of it and if you are consciously attending these teachings, you happen to have these very discernible unspoken reverberations and unsaid conversations within, ‘Though they have done so much and introduced innumerable happiness in my life for all these years that I can't just pay them back even a bit. But still I urge YOU to please make me potent enough to know everything what they desire, what they desired when I was unable to lend a supportive hand; which crossed their mind even for a while, but sacrificed it every time while bringing me up because I want to give them that every small happiness! I know they would never tell me; so I ask YOU, the Almighty for strength. God, you have been so kind to me, introducing two extremely beautiful people who were the origin and source of every wonderful thing happened to me, introducing two angels for me even before my existence! Hopefully I could do justice to my life by understanding and doing at least this much!!!’
Parents are the two finest musicians of their children’s life and not wrong to say, they truly specialize in background music! You might be doing great in the central plot and getting all the accolades, and back of your mind, in the background, among the constituents of every beautiful thing coming to you, you know it very well there are these two incredible people, no matter if they’re far away, who constantly deliver prayers and blessings for your well being and form the strings of the music of your life.