Tuesday, February 2, 2010

She is no less of a feminist!

At times, we hear it coming, mostly from the types of self proclaimed feminists, “If men can do this and that, why can’t we?” but is this statement really fathomable enough? This is actually one of most unreasonable comment I have ever come across! Most women keep fighting for the idea of equality and unknowingly try to fit themselves in men’s standards, that is sadly exactly opposite to what they are trying to do-asserting the magnitude of being a woman! Aren’t they making mess out of the real value of womanhood as such?
I remember a movie called Astitva, which is a very sensible flick in terms of what Director wants to convey and also in terms of its ability to trigger the thought in viewers’ mind, the definition of feminism!
Simply put, it’s about having the right to act or think whatever is necessary to be progressive as a human being, like a man has! But unfortunately, our society is badly defected by otherwise notions, which always lead a woman to be against a man and even women often perceive it in wrong sense! Family life has been underrated upto such an extent that women tend to think of it as a slavery and they think they are being submissive if they opt to only take care of their family. As we can see in a character Meghna of that movie, she thinks an educated woman cannot be the one who wishes to be a house-wife! Actually the problem is with the notion existing in our so called modern developed society that managing home is the waste of a woman’s talent and she can be considered to be equal to men only when she can do the same thing as a man does. Actually I want to raise this question only, that if a woman chooses to be a housewife, how do we, as a society look upon it?
I think a woman opts to stay at home, just because of the fact that she wants to give her children or family a culturally and emotionally perfect environment, which is sometimes not possible when both man and woman are working and since men are so strongly socialized to be the “providers”, that to see this happening other way round would be quite unacceptable, even to women.
I hope I am not mistaken here. I just want to say that if a woman, by her very own choice wishes to be a house-wife, she deserves immense respect and admiration for this and we should try to change this wrong notion existing in our society that “managing” money is anyway less important than earning money.
Despite all these facts, I strongly advocate this fact that a woman needs not “sacrifice” herself for the sake of family and even when they both are working professionals’ things could be worked out very well, but It surely requires a wonderful understanding between man and woman and of course, it’s possible up to an extent, but surely not for lifetime! A time surely comes when you have to go through these narrow choices and act upon them. So I feel very first thing is that every man must understand this fact what a great responsibility a woman performs while being a house-wife so that it no longer remains like an inferiority. I mean woman must not work just to prove that they are not inferior to man. And then the understanding should get developed how they want to align their professional lives with other priorities. So precisely speaking, it’s not about who is better, who is not! Man and woman are two different creations and they both play very important roles in ensuring the progression of an upright society. So let it be the choice of a woman if she wants to be a housewife. She is the one, responsible for the perpetuation of species. Respect them, admire them and assist them to find equilibrium. Actually I met one Indian family here in Korea. She is a well educated intelligent lady and her confidence in saying, “I know how important I am for my kids”, corroborated this fact exceptionally well!


  1. perfectly said. One side we talk about equality and other side we only do which point towards inequality

  2. Seriously it has been made unnecessarily complex! But I think if one can understand it in its very basic layers, everything works fine then! Thanks for your comment, Yogesh!