Monday, March 8, 2010

Women's day

Though I believe every day is a celebration of love, affection and respect which has been brought into our life from any source – let it be our profession, our work or an individual, Mother, Father, brother, sister, friend etc., yet I really don’t think there is anything wrong in formally declaring a day to celebrate and formulate them as Mother’s day, Father’s day, Valentine’s day, Woman’s day and many more! Does it anyway limit our expression and emotional adherences for our loved ones for the rest of the year! In simple way, it just gives us an opportunity to mould our thoughts more onto one aspect and perhaps counterweigh the incapability, of us being human to accommodate all our thoughts on daily basis related to everything we like, everyone who brings happier moments in our lives and to find opportunity, time and attention to express them out of our inner self just because we do feel every day, but do we really express it every day! I mean everyday you don’t tell your parents how much you love them, but you feel it all the time and when it is their marriage anniversary or something like that, you wish to present them something special, lots of pleasant thoughts crowd in on your mind and you tend to express your feelings! As simple as that.

It’s very true that woman live up to all her roles with great dignity and commitment and surely everyday is a celebration of womanhood. For sure, there is a lot depends on them. That’s why in older times, everything used to go fine just because they were a very strong pillar to take care every single aspect related to home! And if after marriage, man is good enough, they had become ideal couple and if not, still there used to be successful marriages just because they used to sacrifice every damn thing for the welfare of the family!
With positive reforms and increasing uniformity in the society, we started thinking about equality between genders. Even the mentality and thought process of man towards woman has got changed a lot and it continues to improve! Actually it takes time to revolutionize 100 crores of population and it’s exacerbating when things do change at “tortoise” speed because of the pre-existing processes in our country. But we do notice a lot of change in the last 50 years after independence and there is hope for betterment.
But now the new problem, with equal opportunities and liberties given to both, though there has been a tremendous improvement in the society, but the relationships have become fragile. Surely the meaning of relationships has got redefined where man and woman can live the best of their life retaining their individuality as well. But it often doesn’t transpire the same way. They care more about their personal priorities rather than looking for the opportunities to learn from each other and provide constructiveness to the relationship. So they end up being in man versus woman discussions and spoiling their relationship in asperity. Of course, both man and woman are equally responsible for it. Even the women forget about the inherent greatness blessed to them by Nature and men refrain from realizing the same with dignity and respect. Thus, it’s no longer a question about woman’s emancipation, but a good coherence between man and woman.

Let me try to exemplify something pertinent to what I want to say…
One sometimes takes great deal in questioning the existence of God. Though we have so many things which Nature dwells around us to make us feel HIS presence, but above all, just look at a few hours old baby! One won't be able to question HIS existence! That’s why I think women are much more respectable and lucky for they feel HIS existence much more closely than men! Easy to think... someone, whom HE considered for creating this world, cannot be ordinary! That’s why mothers are so special!
So is there something new I asserted! No, I just rephrased the beautiful truth of humanity. But here I really find it an act of callowness to bring out the discussion of man versus woman. In other words, Does it anyway assert this fact that woman alone can give the best definition of upbringing to her child! Does it anyway imply that the father cannot love the child as much as the mother does! The child gets the best definition of life when both man and woman play their role as mother and father to bring up the child and feels the necessity of time and attention they both should give as parents no matter what they are as professionals!
So it’s more about the realization of this truth by a woman and empathetic perception by man to help her living her motherhood and also performing his own duties as a parent.

In case of marriage, Girl’s condition is always much more difficult than boy for the very obvious reasons. Perhaps the boy can never imagine what she goes through right since the day she gets the feeling that soon she’ll have to get married to the last moment when she feels now she is going to an entirely new world of people having different prerogatives and keep contemplating about their repercussions. It obviously symbolizes the greatness and sacrifice associated with femininity! This is the tradition in the society. But if a woman asks why it is not other way round, then perhaps I won’t be able to answer just because I hadn’t started it! On the contrary, I would surely look out for ways to constructively assert the life proceedings as they could be. So I would say in this situation, boy is the only one who can be most helpful, can make her feel that she has already got a very good friend in him and could tell her, “Let me promise you they all would be yours in some time for I have a great belief in my family which includes you too now”. And thereafter they both cultivate a very healthy and prosperous environment in the family and they go on winning all the pleasures of a married life!
But just think if boy doesn’t understand it and let the girl face the misery of coming into entirely new surroundings! If the girl doesn’t understand the same and start taking “revenge” for what she had to do just because of these traditional norms and serve her vindictiveness, would it bring any sort of constructiveness to the relationships! Rather they should together think about the happiness they could bring to themselves as well as to their four parents (parents and parents-in-law).
In other words, if we look for the completeness in life, there is never man OR woman and even not strictly man AND woman. Of course, it’s best when both can act together in all circumstances, but if it’s not possible, then one should be able to understand the reason of other’s absence in that situation and try to fill in!

Every sensible human no matter man or woman, accepts and respects all these facts related to woman. No question at all!
Women were always great and would remain so because they are the bliss of nature for number of reasons! Comparison between masculinity and femininity vitiates the purity of such thoughts and always get directed towards the discussion of man versus woman.
So obviously you can celebrate it not as one day, but as one more day for the glory of women!
A woman can think whether she is able to preserve everything inherently blessed to her by Nature and to live upto those. Get inspired from woman like Kiran Bedi who could always find a way to live her rights and values and incorporate the learning’s into their own lives.
A man can assess whether he is helping his wife to live her individuality, helping her in fulfilling her career perspectives too the same way he does for himself, Taking care of his mother in all ways as a son must do or guiding her daughter to fight out the odds of life and giving her the right perspective to live her life as a woman!

I would say every woman can celebrate it for being a daughter, a sister, a wife or a mother and every man can celebrate it for being the father of a daughter, the brother of a sister, the husband of a wife or the son of a mother!