Friday, December 25, 2009

Richness of Thoughts, But What If it is restrained by your Ability of Creation!

Sometimes he sounds more intelligent than how much he actually is! 
Sometimes he sounds more stupid than how much he really is!
He instantly felt today he needs to talk about few things; when he needs not sound intelligent; when he needs not explain what he wants to say! Few beautiful thoughts find home in his heart, and desire to practice and inspiration to manifest them into reality gives enough confidence to go ahead and follow his heart!
But suddenly a mercurial thought in mind; is he really able to do this! Is he expecting himself to do something beyond his abilities, beyond his reach! Is he really capable enough! Engulfed in number of dubieties associated with human life, he bemoans the need of money to realize a dream, which requires the sheer magnanimousness of nature! What ignites this quest of finding answers! Where are these answers!
Few lovely people who already know him would think he is under-estimating himself, he is not believing his abilities and perhaps it’s lack of confidence in this very moment. That’s it! But seriously, he knows it’s not about the confidence. He is posing some real questions and he really wants to confront them and bring out the answers.
He has been the one who always believes in putting in one’s best, but the outcomes of this approach are restrained by his abilities too! Isn’t it?
Though he feels inspired enough to try and work hard for the objectives he is thinking of, but it doesn’t mean he can do everything he wants!
He is not the one who has been topping the charts, but at the same time, he always found a way to follow, to lead a life with self respect and dignity. Just with the positive perspective in mind that whatever he would achieve, it would be his own and then he’ll see what is possible with that, he always keeps going! But surely this optimism doesn’t entail that he would be able to achieve whatever he can think of, even if it’s really constructive and for a good cause.
Definitely, this is neither the fear of failure nor the strict trepidation about future! He just wishes to know where he is headed- not to ruin the surprise hidden in future, but perhaps to ensure that things won’t shallow in the end!

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Eve of Marriage!

A day of celebration
The moments of ecstasy
You consent a relationship
Full of love and immense purity

Getting ready for the journey
Of felicity and pleasure
To experience the sense of togetherness
And witness this beautiful treasure

Life waits for you,
Spreading both its hands
Ready to lavish blessings
So you nurture eternal bonds

Qualities all you have
To make her life beautiful
With colors of love and respect
And turn everything cheerful

She comes into your life
In your beautiful heart she would remain
The bond of friendship and love
I wish she would always sustain

This relation, gentle and pure
I know, you would nourish
HE guides you through life,
And let your love flourish

Heartiest wishes for you, Pal
HE remains with you all the way
To help you make marriage vows
Mean what they really say

PS: Specially written for my Dear friend, Yogesh who is going to tie the knot of sanctity Tomorrow. Many Congratulations for the wedding Couple! Have a glittering day and a wonderful life ahead!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Korean Wedding I attended!

One of my Korean colleagues got married last week and it was really very exciting for me to attend a Korean Wedding ceremony very first time.

First interesting thing, her Korean name is Hye-Seon and her fiancĂ©’s name is Hyun-Seok, the names rhyme and almost same in terms of number and even type of characters used in their names! :)

So, we were supposed to reach there before the ceremony gets started so that we can take snaps and meet the wedding couple.

And we knew that it won’t be very long ceremony like we Indians have! So I thought it’s better to be before in time lest by the time we shall reach, half of the ceremony should already be over! :) So we decided to start 2.5 hours early, for 45 minutes distance!

We reached, well before it got started. We had lunch and were eagerly waiting for the ceremony to commence.

All the relatives were dressed properly and were waiting for the beautiful couple to enter into the wedding hall. And yes, there was a dress-code as well for both families- girl’s family in Pink and boy’s in violet! Cool! :)

A wedding ceremony, in any religion is a pure act of worship before God, reflecting joy, celebration, respect, dignity and love with an impression that they, as couple, have made a solemn, eternal covenant before HIM. And it was no different- a beautiful ambience when they get ready to sing the paeans of adoration. As in Christianity, they believe that God created marriage. In Genesis, it says, “it is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him”.

The Minister started the opening remarks with The Call to Worship and few instructions as they prepared to take those marriage vows. “You are making an exclusive commitment to each other that you would remain united as long as you shall live. Your love would never be diminished by adverse and difficult circumstances, and it is to endure until Death parts you”. Though It was completely in Korean language, but surely something like this only ;-).

Then they walked the white carpet! ;-)

Everyone is taking pictures including me and then it was a formal wedding picture ceremony with whole family, relatives and friends. And yes, formally, it was over!

Being native of a country where a marriage may take number of hours or even days, it was really intriguing to witness a marriage getting over within an hour! :)

And just see their faces: radiating with glow by the beautiful ambience and overwhelmed in emotions to embark a journey of felicity and pleasure! It’s lovely. And seeing them so much engrossed in happiness, I really thought its mere disarray in those impudent minds who we often find uttering, “Why should I get married! It would take away my freedom and all that!”

So what do you think!

Time for some philosophy now! :)

I think in simple words, it’s a form of “divine facility” given to human kind, having someone to accompany you in this journey of life!

When we take birth, our parents bring us up in the best possible way. They try to make their children inculcate all those values, culture and ethics human life is defined with. But in this process, they really forget what they want for themselves. Their children become their life in all aspects. So certainly one point comes in our life when we are grown up enough, able to lend a supportive hand to them and should try to switch roles and they need to be treated like children and taken care of, in that way.

And you really need a companion to do that. Obviously either mother or father is not the ideal choice for any child! So get married and try to be the “parents” of your “children”! :)

As I go through Facebook wall, or Orkut page, or GTalk status messages, a commonality I can figure out is that the desire of getting into the relationship has started tickling in almost everyone’s mind and heart. Some of them sound fictional, some of them real, but that’s for sure that they all are ready. :) It’s just that they are restrained by uncertainty of future and probably not sure about how it would transpire! [mast hai…jaldi hi nipat lenge sab :P]

By the way, I think nowadays as the definition of life is rapidly changing and the necessity of so called development is getting enforced, one tends to live life away from family, spend more time among the friends in college, colleagues in office etc. but the fact is that the way people are socialized, if not you, your friends would get married and soon they get a little busy in their own lives and suddenly this harsh realization crops up that probably you are getting left alone! And being alone even in the form of aloneness is not possible all the time, is not as easy as it sounds and a point comes when you probably want to give up. It’s not even necessarily about loneliness, but the actualization whether you are still emotionally healthy or not.

So the point is: get married to have a friend who would be there for you for lifetime. :)

I think these are good enough reasons to start thinking about getting ready to tie the knot of sanctity. So the verdict (;-)) is:

Somewhere, someone is surely there for you! Keep your eyes and heart open and let someone sneak into it! ;-)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Special One!

A lot to ponder over

Much more to think about

Contrivance for this apprehension

Doesn’t seem to come and tout

Fathom your soul

With love and care

Someone special

Gently profound, that is rare

Heart seems to gaze around

In search of such destination

Few things are not in control

They crop up in such anticipation

What would be HIS choice!

What extent you would be part of

It comes and goes as a thought

Until it gets manifested in a heart of!