Friday, November 9, 2012

Onset of a Beautiful Journey!

A beautiful journey got started when I met this amazing girl about five months back and now we together have traversed a milestone and we clearly see possibility of a beautiful future, which would not necessarily be guided by how good we are now, but definitely by how good we can become, for each other, for everyone who helped in orchestrating this unison, for every possible reason which conspired to bring us together, by inspiring each other in various ways and trade the path of mutual growth and betterment.
We got engaged last week and the beautiful ambience of seeing two families getting ready to formally become one, to announce the amalgamation of two different set of people getting ready to create something beautiful through this unison has set the tone of a future which not only is composed of responsibilities and challenges, but also has stored in the key to immense pleasure and happiness. It’s beautiful to be part of a relationship which puts you at the origin and encourages you to create a beautiful world around full of infinite possibilities which can only lead you to the ultimate apex of love and happiness.
This lifelong journey has begun and is going to be fueled by the incessant effort and objective of trying to become the perfect life partner to a nearly perfect girl! Love is special and when it comes into your life in its most beautiful form, it turns everything else also equally beautiful. I never knew, or imagined I can be loved so much by someone. I have not been able to understand why it’s so strong for her, how she’s been able to find it so special that she’s ready to live and share her entire life with me. Believe me it’s definitely not as simple and straightforward as it sounds. It takes a great deal of understanding and conviction to accept someone so wholesomely.
There comes in your life many people, who happen to like you, may appreciate the way you live but there is only such person who would let you know you are much more than just being liked, someone who would make you understand every moment that she is there for you, she shares her life with you. Though the process of marriage starts with a certain requirement of compatibility and traits of your interest, it meanders into an entirely different world of understanding. All those superficial points of mere compatibility go to rest and you happen to feel it from an entirely different plane altogether and that’s purely spiritual in nature. You just love that person. That’s it. You fail to find the answer of why you like her so much because love has gone beyond the words of decisive sense of implications. You just know it. You just live with it.
Amongst all sorts of obscurities a marriage knocks at your consciousness with, there is this sense of healthy positivity as well. We all know it comes with definitely a lot of responsibilities which you are only acquainted with in theory. So no matter how constructive you are with your thoughts, you would really like to look forward to measuring your performance as a more responsible person, most importantly responsible for different kind of emotions and responses from different kind of people. But it’s also true that when it’s right, it’s one of the most amazing things that can happen to you in your existence. Relationships, Empathy, Care, Trust; all these beautiful words begin to take their beautiful forms and you dwell in a world of immense love and affection.
One day someone comes into your life and makes you feel that no matter what happens she’s with you. She’s always going to be beside you. That’s heck of a confidence and positive feedback to your psyche. There is always constant source of positivity you feel when you think of her, whenever you see her, whenever just a glimpse of her finds place in your mind. An enchanting life element has got attached to the psyche, which makes you feel… life is beautiful.

Had I been a writer
Could express everything further
What I hold inside of me,
Feelings of mine, words to utter

All this change with sudden entrance
Not really I comprehend much for now
Heart at times finds itself
On an intriguing spree of what and how

How does all this change so soon!
You have come into my life like a beautiful boon
I’m starting to feel, this has really happened
Still can’t believe, this magnificence was ordained

That you were to come in my life
To impart my emotions a beautiful order
Life used to be simple, but looks now rather
Beautifully complicated, being in your fervor

Your presence in thoughts
Takes every care of my well being
I close my eyes, and thank my Lord
For orchestrating, this beautiful happening

My soul has begun to feel
And usually prompts with, pleasure and zeal
When every thought is found, introducing you to me
I know you’re no longer separated from me
Every moment, I rhyme with your vibes
 And I truly feel you, as an integral part of me

Your shades of presence and hues
Blissful, it feels with you,
I just go on to thank the force,
That conspired to bring together, me and you

Being with you, would sail through life’s offerings
Even if they are, No matter how bitter
Your love would always be my strength
No time to worry about, life’s fears and jitter

With blessings of our parents, Grace of Almighty attorney,
Let’s begin to explore, this beautiful journey
Would nurture an eternal bond of, friendship and love
Let’s take this vow, in presence of His glory
Following the nuances of, crafting something beatific
Let’s weave together, a lovely, beautiful story