Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gaze at first expression!

From what you were to what you are now, Life has got changed a lot! Your thoughts, your opinions, your perception, your demeanor, but perhaps you remain the same in a corner of your heart where an innocent, naïve child resides! He still loves to be in that childlike ambience, loves those little pleasures, and enjoys those small things which may be of little significance, but titillating and delightful! He keeps the semblance of innocence alive, more like an obscure beauty, which loses its discernible expression in the inevitable process of gaining maturity. At the same time gets scared of number of things, one of those could be this lovely, but extremely strange thing called Love, love for someone with whom life starts sharing itself, while going through the inevitable journey of pleasures and sorrows! All of a sudden, you start feeling very different unique music and tunes altogether, a symphony of gracious emotions, probably as a prelude to something that you have never felt before! It’s complicated! First expression quite unfathomable!
In the process of growing up, we undergo various transformations in our body, heart and mind. We get the ability to become more aware of things around us; we are more exposed to subtle effects and mind gets conditioned depending on the way we opt to learn. Heart turns more heedful to emotional adherences and sooner or later, we find ourselves on the journey, in the quest of attaining happiness, which has a very important component called Emotional health. Actually a time comes when we feel the subtleness of these transformations more than how we ever felt before. There comes the necessity of having someone very close to you, the desire to have someone with whom you can talk about things, which you have started talking to yourself only. As it is said that for your well being, it’s important to have someone whom you can share your passions with!
You are in the process of discernment. It’s natural and you tend to perceive it more clearly if you are spending some time in introspection, allowing yourself to focus on cognitive processes this heart and mind going through! Above all, it’s so lovely and fascinating indeed! You set your mind to it and there you know what I am talking about, more if you have celebrated “Silver Jubilee” of your life, not long ago! ;-)


  1. Wow this is fantastic! It's difficult to express our emotions and thoughts like this, but you did it so well! I envy your writing skills. Hope to read your future writings :)

    -장성규 Joseph Chang

  2. @Joseph: Hey, thanks for your kind words. And yeah, thanks for stopping by! I hope you are perfectly fine and doing good!