Saturday, October 30, 2010

Completed Two Years In Korea

22nd October, 2008 was the day when I first stepped in South Korea, so last Friday marked the completion of my two valuable years in Korea, valuable in the sense that it unveiled numerous traits, potentials, expressions, vulnerabilities that probably even I was not acquainted with. Anyway, that’s how this process of discernment unfolds, isn’t it! As time passes by and the way we get to define a learning process for ourselves and in turn learn to expose ourselves professionally, emotionally, spiritually, it sets us on a journey of awareness and if we set our mind to those cognitive processes, we are aware of the transformations we are going through.
Being away from your family and all the close ones and off from the environment that inherently interacts with the dynamics lying beneath surface static, is not as easy as it sounds. It took a real good time to identify with distinctive vibes this new environment used to generate. At times, it really questioned my state of emotional health. Even now, at times I do experience subtle emotional fragility within myself, or to say, a little aberration in my thought process and perhaps lose unison between heart and mind. But instead of adopting the path of passivity, I prefer to come to terms with it, realize it in its real form and feel the gratitude of having such beautiful people in my life that I tend to love them even beyond my control. So despite being in different sorts of negativities, I find myself closer to blissful state of mind. It helped me to go deeper, farther in the journey within. And as I try to scan through the whole picture, the words and phrases like Appreciation for life’s richness, absence of ego, humility, being receptive to all possibilities, allowing love etc resonate my mind and I feel the sense of gratitude for everything I have, everything I got at various junctures of my life. And I get reminded of the very pure and sacred truth that my parents have been the source of all the positivity’s that embrace me in this moment, with this state of mind because they are the ones who had sowed the seeds for the way I opted to learn!
The decision of coming to Korea happened to be a blessing in disguise since it produced a conducive environment for my overall growth as a human being and hopefully it would help me in taking important decisions later in life. So in a way, something happens in life that marks the beginning of a phase, which has a bundle of experiences stored in and touches upon the elements of growth. Life keeps bringing about new designs even as the old designs start to crumble and giving attention to these transformations along with nourishing them with the process of introspection sets us out on a journey that is there to teach the intricacies of our existence and help us to improve as a human being. Moreover, we need to extend this awareness, that assists constructiveness and in fact, we are living in the age where emergence of a global mind is necessary. We need to keep in mind that wherever we are, we are talking humanity, serving humanity. We all need to grow into a consciousness that helps us to feel universality and a profound context of commonality among all of us. We all wish to see peace, harmony, happiness around and thinking about the well being of Mother Nature is something we can take care of to start with. It is not very difficult to comprehend that if we all devote our energies to relationships and common well being rather than consumerism, we would all wind up much happier. Simple to say, our personal lives have to manifest those values that we wish to see on a global scale and in fact, that is the only way to bring out that never ending happiness and pleasure we all crave for and make our Mother Earth a better place to live.