Saturday, January 15, 2011

Third Dimension

Happiness of being a couple lies in maintaining personal autonomy, but at the same time allowing both dispositions to sink in on its own, what it takes a lifelong relationship to work. Actually being successful in this quest of happiness largely depends on how you have been able to maintain two individualities fruitfully alive as two dimensions, which share a space on the path of exploration and nourishing the Third Dimension that comes into existence when two people come together for this beautiful relationship to share. They tend to create a common being of thoughts and feelings, filling gaps and holes in each other’s psyche. They cultivate it, live it, nourish it and share the joy out of it! In other words, a third dimension is developing out of interaction between two different combinations of soul, heart and mind. Each has its own shortcomings, traits and history of fears and understandings. But once they get ready to nourish it with love and affection with the perspective of constructiveness, they start getting into the grove of taking it to another level of consciousness, an intrinsic component of which is playfulness. Playfulness comes mostly from the interaction between layers of innocence, residing in a corner of heart that feels nothing but love and affection within the field of spontaneity. They enjoy each other’s company. They just simply love it! And this is what engenders out of this togetherness in the form of emotional intimacy and essentially is one of the characteristics of Third Dimension. Definitely, it has inherited the properties from both persons engaged in the relationship, but its sheer existence lies in this third dimension, third dimension because this form of playfulness was absent when they were not together.
It’s fruition of pure sense of togetherness, entirely governed by the spiritual connect they find between them. At some point of time in the process of nurturing their relationship, a beautiful realization comes that suddenly you are finding your expressions falling short in portraying what you actually have in your heart. You find it ineffable to replicate what your heart is feeling. That’s when this enchanting beauty of spiritual connect colors your expressions and just a glimpse of those emotions would narrate the entire story. In fact, there exists no other way of growing into this level of awareness since two unknown souls can only interact through the domain of spirituality. The idea of soul mates is not about having someone over whom you can place the burden for your happiness, but it finds its definition and achieves another level when they tend to create space where they can do mistakes and still remain lovable and adorable to each other with same intensity as before. Acceptance is the key and it begins with a promise, “No matter what happens, you are mine! We may not be best of the teachers for each other; we surely can become the better students!” and that’s how the scheme of evolution gets unveiled. When one falls out of step with the other, other has to carry the relationship with love, faith and trust until the one catches up again. Let the question “It never happens. There is something really wrong. He needs my help” arise in your consciousness instead of “I didn’t expect this from him. How could he do this to me?” [used masculine gender just for the purpose of ease, but it obviously applies to both genders! :)] but again the fact is that relationships are meant to be mutual, i.e., one has to accept the mistake, come to terms with it and learn and other gives space and helps in this process.  Giving yourself opportunity and others enough space to do mistakes and thereby learn is what makes relationships going forever. So obviously, this becomes so very significant for a relationship which is sanctified to transcend beyond the limits of lifetime. Though there may exist uniquely profound connection between two souls, to develop it into full bloom, it takes a lot of work and commitment from both. It starts with acceptance and nurtures into the world of unbound ecstasy where everything has culminated to be on a path of constructiveness with a beautiful touch of love.

P.S: Dedicated to two of my most amazing friends, an adorable couple Vijeta and Virender. They are two very intelligent and refined individuals with beautifully decorated spiritual lives and as I got to know them closely, I certainly sensed a beautiful manifestation of Third dimension between them! I mean one can distinctly see three dimensional growth of their togetherness in the form of Vijeta, Virender and their beautiful relationship! :) Next month, they celebrate their second wedding anniversary and I wish for them all the happiness, God’s kindness and blessings and they always remain the source of inspiration for each other and keep growing in all aspects of life.