Monday, May 9, 2011

Initial Feelings of Transition from Korea to India!

It takes a great deal of courage for you to be receptive to yourself while being ready for the exploration, which is a common underlying property of all existing souls. It desires to be explored in all aspects- professional, emotional and spiritual. Every mind has a life of its own. At any point of time, it does carry a positive or negative charge of thoughts, or it may not have any charge at all. You just traverse with them and reach a point when you are accompanied by another set of thoughts and mind moves on. These thoughts drive our mind to be on an incessant path towards fulfillment in all possible dimensions, leads to conducive space for self assessment and introspection and this fulfillment is not characterized merely by the Booleans of success and failure, but by the process that helped to refine our thought process. It unveils certain traits of our personality and helps to learn ourselves better and later remains with us in the form of experiences. And is it really necessary to weigh everything with a balance of success and failure and to impart imbalances to our mind, which looks for learning, to get better with experiences and most importantly seeks for the spiritual connection with higher self!
I moved to Korea few years back on a journey of exploration, which imparted a beautiful profound portrayal of thoughts and emotions. I feel the grace that it happened. After a very enriching stint in Korea, I am back to India, the place I was born, the place I really belong to! It feels great to be back. It was a feeling of being in heaven (if one calls it the place of most happiness), as long as I was in home with my parents. Just few days back, I came to Bangalore, started working and what I felt in these first few days came to me as a surprise disguised in the form of shock.
It’s even more surprising to state that I am really not in the best of mood after coming to Bangalore. Of course, there is immense positivity about coming back to India even as there is anguish over the deteriorated condition of almost everything. Then you tend to ask how much we care. How much we care about what is happening around. Few years back, Bangalore used to be called a paradise in terms of weather and climate conditions, but unfortunately my experience has not been very positive till date. It’s good and better than many of other states, but no longer as good as it used to be. I feel as if we have put ourselves for an incessant dual with Nature. It creates everything for us to have a healthy and enriching life, but we do almost everything possible to make our living environment and atmosphere worse and don’t really bother much to help Mother Nature in the process of nourishment of world. Then we face natural calamities as angered natural consequences and then we cry over what transpires. And the bigger fact is that we don’t learn from those our mistakes and soon we get back to our usual nature of being against Nature. Over the time we human beings have matured into such hopelessly shameless creatures that we won’t stop until it’s all over! So even if 2012 doesn’t bring the doom’s day, we are doing enough to let it come soon!
There is always loathing whenever such feelings crowd in. If we had devoted our energies to relationships rather than absolute consumerism, we’d have all been much happier and contended. Whenever we listen to the music of 70’s, most of us love it, instantly connect with it, so there is something in it, something in us in common that we tend to like it so much. We love the simplicity. We love natural aspects fused with innocence and civility in innovation. We are originally emotional beings. But slowly Serenity is lost in our relationships. There is so much noise that the voice of love is lost somewhere. We are losing out on the connection with a world within us. We don’t often want to face our consciousness which questions us repeatedly that you were not born like this, you were much better, what have you done to yourself! We have lost the dare to be honest with ourselves. In fact, the problem with human psychology is that long term threats don’t affect us much. We have this ingrained tendency to find immediate gratification, no matter if in that process, we might be digging a definite doom for ourselves. Yesterday was Mother’s day and the Mother who needs care the most is our Mother Nature. She is really suffering a lot. May God bless us with intelligence to at least inculcate few habits in our daily lives, which can help Nature to be able to nourish us for long!

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