Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Art of developing trust

It takes time for trust to get developed. Every possible relationship needs it to flourish to its highest potential and culminate into ecstasy for everyone involved. But there exists a definite transient response which every person goes through, mostly affected by the long history of understandings, beliefs and set points of personality. So it’s in fact a very natural phenomenon in the field of psychology. Moreover, it helps the growth process too as misunderstandings are just bound to arise when people of different kind of history and assumptions interact, but how they get rid of them would truly be decided by their sensibility and awareness. So later if it turns out positive, it corroborates the fact that you have got the ability in you to define a common consciousness which can serve as a catalyst to reach and feel the beauty of relationships which they are blessed with. If it is otherwise, it lets you know that you can’t even find a common field of thoughts where you can grow together, you haven’t been able to develop the degree of acceptance and it could eventually be mutually unbeneficial association to have! So it’s better to part your ways and look for the possibilities you can align yourself with.
One of the most challenging aspects of this process is to deal with your personal traits. It happens at times that people stick to “nourishing” their traits rather than switching their focus on bigger purpose. The most important part of this entire process is to realize whether you helped the process or not. You must be constructive enough to give it what it needs. When you happen to help things building up with a certain sense of responsibility, know it is the right way to have. You have to have the ability and interest in learning each other, contributing to reach a consensus which would lead to a healthy situation for everyone to take heed of and learn!
Once you are up with this thought process, transients would settle down at some point of time and then you would realize your beauty of thoughts have led you to a situation where it’s all good, rather better than even your expectations.
Again these transients can be quite complicated at times. Things don’t happen in the way you want, but suddenly they take some other route, we tend to think in the first place that there is no reason why this is not happening, why that is happening. We feel disconnected from the source responsible for such happenings. But there is a definite plan behind it. If the relationship can go through these bad times, you learn that it has got the potential to weather any storm later. There is nothing wrong in doing mistakes, but just take responsibility for them and let yourself embark on a journey of getting better. Let the thought “this is all because of me, now it’s my responsibility to make things better and I can’t be tired till it’s done!” reverberate within your consciousness. Keep your egos aside and let your determination of making everything fine narrate the future story.
It’s just that we have to be aware of the mistakes done. Instead of sticking to old conditioning and belief, open yourself for the newer possibilities, challenge your set points which are forcing you to remain rigid with your malfunctioned understandings. As soon as those transients settle, you know what you have achieved. You have built a ground for the relationship to explore its spontaneity and reach a situation where it’s nothing but a divine source of pleasure.

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