Thursday, March 24, 2011

Moving back to India: A constructive end and A fresher beginning

Next week I am moving back to India. There is immense pleasure about going back even as I do feel subtle uneasiness about separation from this place which surely would remain an enriching chapter of my life for numerous reasons. Nature extends its benevolence beyond limits and even when I was here in Korea far away from my own country, it took care of me and I feel the gratitude for what I learnt here, the love and affection I got from the people I met here. In such moments, I completely turn inward, within my dense introversion. This is not something I deliberately choose to do, but I feel so fragile psychologically that I perhaps live with this fear that something would definitely go wrong for everything seems to have been taken over by heart! And I know it would remain so till I leave. So effectively I don’t happen to do anything much during these days and get carried along with this emotional experience. It’s very instinctual. It just happens. Subtle weakness about the fact that soon I would be far away from this place, which was so conducive in its own way for my growth as a person and definitely as a professional, has shifted me back and I am going through the flashback of my two and a half years in Korea. I behold. I am confined within this. 
Being alone gives a space to introspect ourselves and it can be an amazing learning experience of self discovery if we set our mind to it. It becomes an integral part of our scheme of evolution, but as a normal human being would be, I used to be sad at times. As we all know, there is nothing wrong with it. It’s possible once in a while, but again you can’t feel excused for this if you keep feeling that for a long time and there is one aspect to it which becomes important as we grow. We have to be responsible even for our thoughts if they can start affecting things adversely. We can’t lose the hold on what such situation has to offer even if it is extended beyond a limit. There exists an appropriate response for us to take, more because how much we can assimilate, how much we are capable to grasp the learning’s is mainly defined by our degree of awareness and as it expands, instead of adopting the ways of passivity, we begin to react in a constructive way. And in fact, whenever we tend to categorize something as “sadness”, it is most likely the outcome of unnecessary abstraction in our own thoughts or disconnect with our inner self. This revelation unearthed the layers of spiritual beauty, which says that when the possible horizons are pushed and inability to learn more about what transpires within the spheres of discernible world of thoughts knocks the door of your mind, which started feeling what it never felt before, it’s time to alter the set points of your personality, augment the ability to grasp learning’s of life and that’s where the power of spirituality and meditation soothes us and shows us a way to follow.
On the other hand, I met some really amazing people here, amazing in the way they live their lives, the way they set forth examples for others to follow. I really learnt a lot. Since there are no Indians around the place I stay, I used to be traversing alone during weekdays and mostly during weekends, I used to meet these friends. So there was this very intriguing transition that I used to experience, as if I used to gather immense positivity from them and then use it constructively over the weekdays, sinking in the learning’s galore that aloneness offer, being a wonderful teacher through self contemplation and introspection. And as I am ready to go back now, so many beautiful feelings crown in on my mind and I wish to thank everyone who was the reason for so many beautiful moments. 
But you just feel running out of words. You feel astonished about the fact where your vocabulary goes in such moments, you switch from English to Hindi, Hindi to English, but the best you can do is to splutter! That’s what happened when some of my close friends and families recently organized a get-together before my departure. I don’t remember really what I spoke. The fact that they are gathered just for me to wish me luck for my future completely overwhelmed me and it took some good time to come back in rather normal state to comprehend what transpired. I was very touched. May God bless them all with all the happiness and with power and patience to go through all inevitabilities of life!
Keeping in mind my decision of going back, I think we all should try to be specific and clear about what we want, based on how we learn the intricacies of life and understand life as the journey of self discovery. By being specific, we can’t mean being rigid. So specificity in desire is important but not with this thought that if it doesn’t happen, life would be hell because if we do so, we are trying to constrain Nature and even suspecting the infinite intelligence that it works with. We must free our desire to let it acquire its actual content and even the package it would come in. Thus specificity in desire serves two purposes: it gives our desire a framework to manifest into and secondly, it shows that at least we are doing our job fine. There is a lot in our hand for having the power to choose and for owning a thinking mind. It’s nice to specify desire based on what we have learnt about ourselves and then let Nature decide what is good for us. We should be happy about that fact that end result would come from somewhere, someone, characterized by the highest intelligence. It eases up our work and in fact, we would completely mess up our life if we are allowed to decide everything whatever happens in our lives. So we should be grateful to God who blessed each one of us with a destiny that is not limited to our limited intelligence and it keeps fascination of journey alive. 
Personal growth in the field of consciousness should extend towards our family, our friends, our surroundings to impart an effect with views, with our demeanor having a consciously pragmatic approach fused with simplicity, that helps to play all your roles in life with more passion, with ecstasy of giving and expand in the service of people who were not so fortunate enough, who struggle for even the basic necessities of life, who remain devoid of comforts and luxuries that our parents could give us. It’s a responsibility and such awareness forms a vision to lead a meaningful life and being with this quest of keep living a meaningful life, I hopefully add more meaning to it.
I feel the grace. I am grateful to the force which orchestrated and made this happen. I am going back to India and this inception more than specificity in desire, is driven by the infinite intelligence of cosmos, marked by destiny. God endowed everyone with it and life moves on, for next objectives.


  1. I like the word Chane: Moving in Nature !
    Exceptionally, good thoughts. Wish you best of luck for your next assignment.

  2. kya baat hai....v well written...
    btw konsi co join kar rahe ho aur kab?

  3. @simplYme: I am already in the process of sinking in all those huge compliments from you! Thank you. Thanks a lot! :)
    @girish: Thanks for your wishes, Girish! I am happy you liked it so much! Thanks a lot! :)
    @VM: dhanyawaad, dhanyawaad! :) kahaan vicharan kar rahe ho aajkal? darshan hi nahi hote! :) joining Microchip, b'lore on 15th!