Sunday, February 27, 2011

An Insight of Extended Aloneness

Sometimes I notice something different within me and even hours of contemplation doesn’t end up anywhere! What ignites this quest of finding answers! Which part of my emotional being is willing to contemplate new horizons! There are always activities that get transformed into thoughts and turn into the vision of life. And aloneness for sure is one beauty in disguise that allows different aspects of our being to go deeper into the journey of self discovery. When the process is on its way, there is no more fascinating phenomenon taking place within the vicinities of personal psychological world full of emotions and beliefs.
Giving ourselves time for self introspection and self assessment is one good thing that we can do for us. It not only makes us audacious enough to question ourselves, but prepares us to learn what we could do better, what can be done better, where we lack, what kind of learning’s our character is eagerly asking for. In fact, we owe a lot to this aloneness because the best of the learning’s we ever had, were the outcome of this space when we tend introspect our actions and responses and dare to be honest with ourselves. And it’s quite a revelation to comprehend that once we set out on the path of self exploration, life unveils the ultimate growth process to make us a more elaborated individual who is gradually gaining a wider space of thoughts, nurturing a relaxed approach to understand the intricacies of life and turning into a better human being. Moreover, to be able to even manage all those seemingly small things related to setting up home is surely an addition to overall growth for it makes us feel responsible for every single thing happening to us as it forms daily regime and the habits inculcated in daily life form the basic elements of overall character and well being.
But what if it seems to be prolonged beyond a certain limit? Am I no longer able to grasp the teachings such lonesome environment in the form of solitude exposes us to? Is there some radical change needed in the whole ambience? The mistake we are vulnerable to in this situation is that we adopt the ways of passivity. Probably that’s an ingrained tendency with human behavior and instead of closely experiencing those, we often opt to get away from them and seek for some immediate gratification, but being with it and letting our consciousness realize the essence of it can unveil a new paradigm of altering old conditioning and belief if they are supposed to be. It’s opening up of a new dimension of understanding which defies all pre-existing notions and even gives rise to undesired emotional responses. So it surely asks for some careful assessment.
There are few immediate and obvious responses like getting married, going back to India etc. In fact, these are two beautiful possibilities, which have certainly got the strength to change psyche, but since they are time and fate-dependent too, there is definitely something else as well where the answers of such anxiety lie. There could be few possibilities as far as I can understand. Nature doesn’t work that way. It can’t let dwell in despair for some time-dependent features to appear and merely waiting for the time to heal is of little help, so there exists an appropriate response for us to take. We have got the spiritual dimension in our being, which is nourished by healthy anxiety of the mind to look for the poetry that resides beyond the usual aspects of dull prose. Where does it lead to? I contemplate, I behold.

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