Friday, December 25, 2009

Richness of Thoughts, But What If it is restrained by your Ability of Creation!

Sometimes he sounds more intelligent than how much he actually is! 
Sometimes he sounds more stupid than how much he really is!
He instantly felt today he needs to talk about few things; when he needs not sound intelligent; when he needs not explain what he wants to say! Few beautiful thoughts find home in his heart, and desire to practice and inspiration to manifest them into reality gives enough confidence to go ahead and follow his heart!
But suddenly a mercurial thought in mind; is he really able to do this! Is he expecting himself to do something beyond his abilities, beyond his reach! Is he really capable enough! Engulfed in number of dubieties associated with human life, he bemoans the need of money to realize a dream, which requires the sheer magnanimousness of nature! What ignites this quest of finding answers! Where are these answers!
Few lovely people who already know him would think he is under-estimating himself, he is not believing his abilities and perhaps it’s lack of confidence in this very moment. That’s it! But seriously, he knows it’s not about the confidence. He is posing some real questions and he really wants to confront them and bring out the answers.
He has been the one who always believes in putting in one’s best, but the outcomes of this approach are restrained by his abilities too! Isn’t it?
Though he feels inspired enough to try and work hard for the objectives he is thinking of, but it doesn’t mean he can do everything he wants!
He is not the one who has been topping the charts, but at the same time, he always found a way to follow, to lead a life with self respect and dignity. Just with the positive perspective in mind that whatever he would achieve, it would be his own and then he’ll see what is possible with that, he always keeps going! But surely this optimism doesn’t entail that he would be able to achieve whatever he can think of, even if it’s really constructive and for a good cause.
Definitely, this is neither the fear of failure nor the strict trepidation about future! He just wishes to know where he is headed- not to ruin the surprise hidden in future, but perhaps to ensure that things won’t shallow in the end!

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