Friday, December 11, 2009

The Eve of Marriage!

A day of celebration
The moments of ecstasy
You consent a relationship
Full of love and immense purity

Getting ready for the journey
Of felicity and pleasure
To experience the sense of togetherness
And witness this beautiful treasure

Life waits for you,
Spreading both its hands
Ready to lavish blessings
So you nurture eternal bonds

Qualities all you have
To make her life beautiful
With colors of love and respect
And turn everything cheerful

She comes into your life
In your beautiful heart she would remain
The bond of friendship and love
I wish she would always sustain

This relation, gentle and pure
I know, you would nourish
HE guides you through life,
And let your love flourish

Heartiest wishes for you, Pal
HE remains with you all the way
To help you make marriage vows
Mean what they really say

PS: Specially written for my Dear friend, Yogesh who is going to tie the knot of sanctity Tomorrow. Many Congratulations for the wedding Couple! Have a glittering day and a wonderful life ahead!