Friday, November 20, 2009

Why this temperament???

Throughout this life journey, we meet numerous people. Some strange, some affectionate; some encouraging, some demoralizing; some accompanying, some disturbing!
Or sometimes we meet the same person quite frequently like in workplace under different situations, different circumstances, which unfold different traits of his/her character and that’s how we learn that person.
Every human on this planet lives in the quest of attaining happiness, and surprisingly true but the definition or even the ways to achieve it differ person to person. And even so different that their ways could be conflicting.

One’s happiness is coming at the cost of other’s ! what forces this delusion in those minds!

Instead of improving oneself, one tries to disprove other! What’s this approach to live!

One little thing forces an aberration in one’s behavior and response,… out of insecurity or because of intention to prove superiority!

One’s incessant effort to fight with others, instead of being introspective and having conversation with oneself! What’s this reluctance!

What’s the pleasure in being aggressively cynical, to think what you do is right and what others do is simply wrong and absurd!

Such thoughts prompt in mind, with vulnerability to see it around in some or the other form!

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  1. Since when did you start writing so wonderfully? Though i have not yet read all of the posts, but this style of writing is very good, it is actually written for the reader.
    I mean when i write i find there is more for me in it and when i read it back i find more comfort in understanding them as compared to the other readers. Keep going and Keep Sharing.