Monday, November 9, 2009

A thought: Need for synchrony between Heart and Mind

Heart always tends to be swifter than our mind, particularly in emotional appearances. Perfect synchronization between these would always lead to eternal happiness, but human dispositions, as everything else in this world, are not ideal. There is always a “skew”.
We portray a picture of a very special one in life based on our experiences, likes and dislikes and the pleasures we are willing to acknowledge from life, but we never know where our destiny takes us. So it's better to be watchful and don’t let our heart go well beyond our reach because if it cannot lead to a state where everything what we want to be is fine, everyone whom we want to be, is happy, then it would only leave us in asperity. Then the greater efforts need to be done to overcome this unpleasant state and make our life move ahead for its objectives. So try to keep your heart and mind in synchrony and let God help you to decide and believe who is the special one with whom you would be sharing all the experiences in life it comes with.
It’s difficult, but we can always learn to keep this "skew" between heart and mind as less as possible else it is going to give us pains and sufferings, nothing else. Perhaps it’s all about training ourselves to make our heart and mind move in unison and gradually, it becomes part of our character and spontaneity!


  1. its difficult to make our heart and mind synchronous to each other. atleast for me :P

  2. योगेश अग्रवाल : hahaha...that's ok. and yeah, you are right. I am talking about the ideal situation, but as I said, nothing can be perfectly ideal, but we can always try to go as close as possible! :)
    by the way, I know people like you can do wonders even without keeping them in synchrony! ;-)

  3. I wrote the same piece in the last year of college and still it is there in my diary, don't know how i felt it but it happened once when i was really happy as well as forthright i realized that at this very moment my heart and mind are in total sync with each other. That is best situation we ever are in, when no one organ is driving the other.