Friday, November 13, 2009

Optimism, Hope, Helplessness and A Request!

Life is not a matter of,
Milestones as we think
It’s about the journey rather
To enjoy and euphorically sing

HE tests us at times,
Through intricacies of life
But gives power to fight
Against every bitter strife

You never get tired
Let your perseverance prevail
I know it so well
Territory of hopes you hail

Don’t know, What decided for you,
By the Master of destiny
I wish I could lead you to
Happiness, away from agony

But you never get worried
If you have no one to talk to
You know I’m there
You ever wish, or you have to

This day and coming morrows
HE has to take away your sorrows
Bless pleasures of your share
To HIM, that’s the only prayer

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