Friday, April 6, 2012

A trip back home-abode of two beautiful angels of my life-Next phase!

Trip back home is usually a parents-son affair, which is endearing as always, but this time it was even more than that. My elder sister along with my nephew and niece was around, so it was one beautiful feeling to be there, icing on a usually delicious breath-taking cake. Needless to say, I had such a great time and enjoyed it so very much that no part of me was feeling like coming back. Huhh…this transition is always difficult.
One big difference I have experienced over the years is that when you are with your parents, your close ones for whom you are an integral part of their lives and emotional space, everything is found to be falling in place, but when you are away, you make efforts and try to keep everything in place. That’s why I strongly feel that we always live two personalities, one which enjoys spontaneity, always feel like doing crazy things and hopelessly in love with what is happening around and other, which long for being of first kind, but feels responsible about keep creating reasons of happiness to enjoy while living the first kind. In other words, at the very primitive level of emotional health and consciousness where your heart enjoys its fantasy, you feel as if everything is out of place once you are away from those close ones, but soon mind comes into picture to suggest that big part of that happiness is because you are doing fine when you are away and you start coming back to normal and begin to clearly see what is important in the moment. So both personalities are important and they are very intimately connected with each other and help to make you feel collective and composed.
As I said, this transition is difficult, even as it’s always a beautiful information to have that you are hopelessly in love with those beautiful angels and love them beyond your control and every string of your heart knows that they reciprocate it beautifully.

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